[University of Washington Research Website]

University of Washington Research Website

The University of Washington Research website relaunched as a WordPress site, replacing a custom-built content management system.

A contracted agency designed the look and feel, but the implementation was left to UW staff, including myself.

The new site required the development of numerous custom plugins and the creation of a child theme.

[Epicom Cases Portal]

SugarCRM: Cases Portal

A number of clients asked Epicom to build external web sites their customers may access to keep track of cases filed through SugarCRM.

These clients wanted such portals to be simple and expose only specific fields.

So I helped to build these portal from the ground-up using the Sugar REST API to read from and write to SugarCRM.

[Movable Type Force Preview Plugin]

Movable Type Force Preview plugin

Force Preview for Movable Type prevents comment spam by requiring users to preview a comment before submitting it.

Chip Rosenthal created the Force Preview plugin for Movable Type 3. I updated it to work with Movable Type 4 and 5.