[University of Washington Research Limited Submissions]

University of Washington Research Limited Submissions

The University of Washington Research Limited Submissions site posts information about grants, awards and fellowships that limit the number of applications per institution.

The design and functionality of the original site had not been updated in a number of years, so for this project, I worked primarily on the controllers and models for the public-facing site and a new administration interface.

[Epicom Cases Portal]

SugarCRM: Cases Portal

A number of clients asked Epicom to build external web sites their customers may access to keep track of cases filed through SugarCRM.

These clients wanted such portals to be simple and expose only specific fields.

So I helped to build these portal from the ground-up using the Sugar REST API to read from and write to SugarCRM.

Find out more about this project from the Epicom web site.

[Movable Type Force Preview Plugin]

Movable Type Force Preview plugin

Force Preview for Movable Type prevents comment spam by requiring users to preview a comment before submitting it.

Chip Rosenthal created the Force Preview plugin for Movable Type 3. I updated it to work with Movable Type 4 and 5.

[NI Tech Comm Process Documents]

NI Tech Comm: Process Documents Portal

The NI Tech Comm Process Documents Portal is an internal web site listing various process documentation for the Technical Communications department of National Instruments.

The first version of the site was maintained with XML and XSL. Manual updates and inconsistent training resulted in invalid XML when checked against a schema.

So I built a management tool that stored the process documents in a database from which static HTML files were generated.

[NI Tech Comm Localization Project Manager]

NI Tech Comm: Localization Project Manager

In April 2006, I was tasked to perform some administrative duties related to the localization of National Instruments documents, so I built a web-based tool to automate the process.

The Localization Project Manager facilitates the creation of part numbers in various systems, while also tracking the progress of a document through the localization process.

Automating this process reduced the administrative overhead for each localized document from 20 minutes to less than five.

[NI Icon Glossary]

NI Tech Comm: Icon Glossary

Formerly a site of static HTML pages, the NI Tech Comm Icon Glossary became a web application to address the exponential growth of the library.

Icons were being made faster than they could be added to the glossary, so I built an administrative interface to allow icons to be added, edited or removed easily.

Glossary content could also be exported to CSV or XML.